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Industrial Overhead Conveyor Washers

Used for in-line washing, a Tunnel Washer can be placed into your process line. Tunnel Washers are used to apply a pretreatment to a continuous flow of parts.

Industrial Belt Washers

Chain on edge, dual chain, roller conveyor, and belt industrial washers use a flat mesh belt or chain to wash or pre-treat parts of various configurations. Fixtures for components can be mounted to the belt or chain for the washing process. 

Industrial Batch Washers

Industrial Batch Washers can be both manual or automatic operation for cleaning or pre-treating. Low volume or large parts are often processed in a batch washer.

Industrial Chain on Edge Washer

Chain on Edged washers use a chain mounted sideways, for conveyance through the washer.  Often used for production of smaller parts that need to be fixtured in a vertical position during processing.

Specialty Washers

Rotary index, drum washers, work cell washers, basket washers, cabinet washers and dip tank washers can all be designed and built to your exacting specification


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