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Industrial washers and Industrial Ovens:



Our technical expertise with Industrial Washers and Industrial Ovens along with our fabrication capability enables us to provide a truly complete service. Our comprehensive services include custom design, consultation, fabrication, installation, start-up, and support of industrial washers, industrial ovens, conveyor systems, powder booths and environmental rooms, along with testing and verification.

Our programming abilities allow us to offer you fully automated processes for pretreatments, coating, and curing.

Industrial Washers

Industrial Washers are available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Plastic Composite construction. Tunnel Washers, Continuous Feed Washers and Belt Washers are constructed to the customers application.  Also shown are smaller parts washers and painting equipment washout equipment.  These smaller Industrial Washers, if used with solvents, can be connected to distillation units for reclamation of the solvents so you can re-use your spent solvent.

Industrial Ovens

Industrial Ovens are available many styles. Batch Ovens, Dry-Off or Cure Ovens and Ovens for cure of Powder Coatings and paints are available. These Industrial Ovens are available as belted ovens, overhead conveyor ovens, or as batch ovens.  Naturally, we can construct an oven to customer specific requirements, designed to meet your specifications and process. 


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